Title:An Effective Design for Hierarchical Test Generation Based on Strong Testability

Authors: Hideyuki Ichihara, Naoki Okamoto, Tomoo Inoue, Toshinori Hosokawa, Hideo Fujiwara

Jounrnals:Proc. IEEE Asian Test Symposium

Pages: 288-293

Published Month: 12

Published Year: 2005

Type: inproceedings

Hierarchical test generation is an efficient method of test generation for VLSI circuits. In this paper, we study a test plan generation algorithm for hierarchical test based on strong testability. We propose a heuristic algorithm for finding a control forest requiring a small number of hold functions by improving an existing test plan generation algorithm based on strong testability. Experimental results show that the proposed algorithm is effective in reducing additional hold functions, i.e., reducing hardware overhead and delay penalty of datapaths.