Title:Synthesis of Fault Secure Datapaths with DFG Restructuring

Authors: Hirotaka Shiomichi, Yuki Yoshikawa, Hideyuki Ichihara, Tomoo Inoue

Jounrnals:IEICE Tech. Repo.

Number: 482

Pages: 51-56

Published Month: 2

Published Year: 2008

Type: techreport

This paper considers a method for synthesizing fault secure datapaths by concurrenterror detection.Defining the compatibility of two operations in the original and duplicated modules under the low aliasing condition¥cite{jha1},we present a force-directed scheduling algorithm which aims to reduce the resourcesby sharing operations over duplicated modules.Furthermore, we address restructuring of given data flow graphsprior to the scheduling so as to increase in the compatibility.Several case studies show that our scheduling method can derive fault secure datapathswith a small number of resources while achieving the low aliasing probability.