Title:A Study on Performance Degradation Faults of Autonomous Cars Using MATLAB/Simulink

Authors: Kazunori Yukihiro, Tsuyoshi Iwagaki, Hideyuki Ichihara, Tomoo Inoue


Published Month: 3

Published Year: 2018

Type: techreport

In this report, we construct an autonomous car simulator with MATLAB/Simulink, and using this simulator, we discuss the influence of the performance degradation of the autonomous car on its safety. This simulator simulates lane-keeping, which is known as a key function for autonomous driving / drive assisting, of a car as a simple line following. The target autonomous car system is a kind of cyber-physical systems (CPSs): the physical behavior of a car is expressed as a movement model in the physical space and the performance degradation of a control sub-system of the car is modeled as delay faults in the cyber space. On the basis of simulation results, we clarify the relationship between the performance degradation and the safety speed of an autonomous car, and we also mention a measure of the fault-tolerant / functional-safety design of autonomous car systems.